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A short history

Biznustek Global is the creator of AKVAZEN. Our vision is to change the world through constantly evolving technologies that help us reach our goal of wastewater-free industrial production. What started out just 6 years ago in India as a startup company made up of 5 engineers, Biznustek has grown tremendously into a global company now headquartered in the United States. These engineers recognized industrial wastewater as the major source of water contamination globally. Collectively they created an efficient industrial wastewater treatment technology that is affordable and easy to use.


Our Own Language

Behind the name AKVAZEN

These engineers more than succeeded! In just 2 years they had built an industrial wastewater treatment system from scratch! They named it AKVAZEN. They decided since they were revolutionizing the wastewater processing industry, they would use their own revolutionary language. "AKVA" was now the unique equivalent to aqua which means "water", and "ZEN", by definition is reaching the "peak" of one's true self and what we were intended for. So they settled on AKVAZEN, representing the goal of obtaining peak performance out of our most valuable resource.

Timeline of AKVAZEN

2015Biznustek India is launched as a water reclamation technology focused startup company
(Co-Founders: Hiren Meganath, Dharmendra Meghanathan, Sujay Elangovan)
2016First Generation AKVAZEN is engineered
2017Filed provisional patent for AKVAZEN
2018Spring: Filed complete patent for AKVAZEN
Summer: Brought AKVAZEN to market
Fall: Secured first large installation order from Kennametal a major US based multinational company for their manufacturing plant in Bengaluru, India
2019 Spring: AKVAZEN is entered into multiple water treatment Conferences and Expos
Summer: Receives the “India Design Mark (I-Mark)” for the AKVAZEN system
Fall: AKVAZEN is validated by Japan based Toyota group for their (Kirloskar Toyota) manufacturing plants in India. Kirlsokar Toyota places opening order for AKVAZEN
2020 Spring: Closes several new installation agreements in various industrial sectors for higher capacity AKVAZEN systems
Summer: Additional installations grow to include India based multi-national company plants. New orders for AKVAZEN placed by current customers for their other manufacturing divisions. Thus expanding AKVAZEN into more industry sectors.
2021 Spring: Launched parent company "Biznustek Global" in the USA with objective to transition Biznustek to a global company and establish its corporate office, demo center and assembly operations center in Tennessee, USA.

Biznustek Global – Founding Team


Hiren Meganath

As the President & CEO, is working towards the goal of transitioning Biznustek to a global, USA based entity for marketing and selling AKVAZEN products in the global market with a company vision of "to be the leader in enabling industrial facilities to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge for their processed water across all industry segments".

Customer Champions

Travis Beaulieu

Having an extensive, 15-year background in sales, marketing, and consulting across various industry segments, is leading the sales & marketing team to provide strategic direction for achieving optimum customer satisfaction from discovery phase to after sales services.

Jeff Gerald

Leveraging his 20-year experience across various industry sectors, is leading the business development functions to develop and sustain strategic partners and sales channels.

Dilan Jeffrey

As a current generation sales professional, working to execute customer centric activities... from lead generation to sales closures.

Talisa Morton

A customer service oriented professional with added experience in order processing & logistics coordination. Focused on our breweries, distilleries & beverage industry customer segments.

Strategic Advisors

Bruce Miller

An accomplished, adaptable, and transformational professional, with 25-years of diverse experience in the areas operations, supply chain, distribution, and cost management.

David Nathaniel

An avid promoter of sustainability initiatives for all levels of conservation with more than 20 years of experience across emerging technologies in environmental cleaning and resource platforms.

Innovation Architects

Dharmendra Meghanathan

In addition to performing his current role as the managing director of Biznustek India, is also focused on continuous product innovation and development supported by an excellent team of engineers and designers.

Sujay Elangovan

A new generation entrepreneur and a director in Biznustek India is leading the efforts to develop new product applications and industry use cases for the Akvazen products.