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Akvazen System

Introducing AKVAZEN

AKVAZEN Advanced Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Technology brings Water Reclamation to a whole new level. Our patented system not only produces clean water suitable for disposal, it allows for the ability to RECLAIM and REUSE 95% of your process water. The number of gallons you use each day will determine the model suitable for your business. Whichever AKVAZEN fits your needs your facility will not only be cutting your costs in industrial wastewater disposal and costly build-outs, but saving you up to 95% on water replenishment costs.

  • An inline built-in auto pH treatment module which will guarantee consistent pH limits, eliminate the need for any manual pH treatment, save you time, and eliminate labor cost
  • An inline built-in (eco-friendly/non-chemical) auto descaling module to stop any scale build-up
  • An auto cycle CIP unit with programmable run cycles capabilities
  • System operates with programmable auto-run cycles and will need only a max of 1 hour of operator time per day to start/stop and perform basic/daily maintenance activities
  • A Siemens HMI panel with an IoT module for remote monitoring and maintenance


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See how our AKVAZEN system is an industry leader that fits in a facility using a fraction of the space compared to other antiquated solutions in the marketplace.

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Solutions for Every Operational Capacity

Model Capacity* (Gals Per Day) Energy (kwh/Gal) Weight (Lbs.) Overall Dimensions (feet)
Length Width Height
PROVAC3 300 0.20 3,000 7 5 7
PROVAC10 1,000 0.19 6,000 7 5 8
PROVAC15 1,500 0.18 10,000 9 7 11
PROVAC30 3,000 0.17 14,000 12 8 12
PROVAC60 6,000 0.16 18,000 13 9 12
PROVAC90 9,000 0.16 22,000 15 10 12
PROVAC120 12,000 0.16 30,000 18 11 16
PROVAC180 18,000 0.16 36,000 25 12 20
PROVAC270 27,000 0.16 48,000 25 13 20
* Reference capacity with fresh/city water, @ 24 hrs. run cycle per day, 5% average residue

Which Model?

Which model is right for you? We'll help you decide.
Highly Efficient Process

Highly Efficient Process Realtime computer monitoring

As one of the most efficient ZLD solutions in the industry, AKVAZEN automatically discharges residue, transfers distillate for reuse, and is self-cleaning. It also boasts industry 4.0 compatibility, as it is engineered with wireless connectivity for Remote Monitoring and sensors that ensure visibility of the process as well as identify anomalies and perform predictive maintenance. What’s more, our real-time monitoring means water quality analysis at any time to ensure compliance for release to sewer system or quality for reclaiming and reusing.

Guaranteed Return on Investment

Guaranteed Return on Investment Pays for itself

By reducing your fresh water intake by up to 95%, your industrial wastewater disposal costs by up to 80%, your utility costs by up to 75%, and by enabling increased production, Akvazen delivers a full return on investment in as little as 1-year from installation.*

Sustainable Resource Management

Sustainable Resource Management 100% Environmentally Compliant

Not only does Akvazen have a significant impact on your bottom line by reducing your water consumption by up to 95%, it also does wonders for the planet. With Akvazen, you can become 100% Environmentally Compliant when it comes to your industrial wastewater management program. Talk to us about becoming ZLD Certified and show your customers how much you care about the environment.