AKVAZEN Applications

Where AKVAZEN is saving money and the environment

Customized Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Every Industry

AKVAZEN is by no means a "one size fits all" solution.
We take a deep look into your industrial process water and operational needs and develop a strategy fit for your goals both now and in the future.


Multi-stage Water Treatment

Process water is treated in several stages due to the dissolved drugs present in the water. The system neutralizes the pH, uses flocculating agents, and removes coloring agents effectively.

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Effectively Removes Hazardous By-Products

Aluminum, titanium, and other compounds produce high levels of hazardous by-products. AKVAZEN precisely treats this industrial wastewater and purifies it.

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Mining & Metal

Economical Processing

AKVAZEN solutions are tailored to the needs of this industry. Oils, waxes, greases, and preservatives are treated and disposed of economically.

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Breweries & Distilleries

Achieve 100% ZLD

This industry, with the highest ratio of water used per barrel of production, can leverage the full potential of AKVAZEN solutions to achieve 100% ZLD status in their brewery/distillery plants. The high cost of effluent disposal due to load charges/surcharges can be reduced by more than 80% with AKVAZEN system installations.

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Food Processing

Stay in compliance while saving money

Food production waste combined with cleaning and degreasing, make wastewater disposal very costly. AKVAZEN can help keep you in compliance, while potentially saving your facility tens of thousands of dollars in wastewater disposal. Your recycled water can be used for cleaning and degreasing again.

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Textiles & Dyeing

Reclaim up to 95% of fresh water

Many chemicals are used in the textiles wash & dyeing process and requires certain standards of purity and pH control before the processed water can be released into the drainage system. This industry can achieve very high return on investment due to high cost of traditional treatment methods. AKVAZEN can not only reclaim up to 95% of fresh water, it can also help in achieving the highest level of clean environment compliance.

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Metal Working

Reclaim both fresh water & coolant oils

AKVAZEN solutions will efficiently treat process water from various metal working processes that contains used coolant emulsions and rinse water from parts cleaning or electroplating. A very high return on investment can be realized in this industry since both fresh water and coolant oils can be reclaimed and reused.

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Automotive Washing

Achieve the highest level of clean environment compliance

From cars, to tractor trailers & fleet vehicles, many chemicals are used in the wash process and require certain standards of purity before the wash water can be released into the drainage system. This industry has the highest return on investment as their highest costs are their use of fresh water, which can be decreased by up to 95% when reclaimed with AKVAZEN and also achieve highest level of clean environment compliance.

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